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The topics listed here are a start for those interested in exploring viewpoints about issues relating to mental illness and its treatment.  It is both editorial and informational in content.  Contributions are welcome as are suggestions, comments and alternative viewpoints.  If you would like to contribute to the dialog, please contact me here.

1.  Newbies - Information and links to those new to mental illness

2.  My Ten Truths - Personal observations about mental illness and my conclusions about the diseases.

3.    Health Care Access A true story which deals primarily with access to the health care system.

4.    Caregivers - An outline of the issues surrounding family members who provide care for their loved ones.

5.    Diagnosis Examination of the cloudy issue of diagnoses and their determination.

6.  Treatment Those issues that center around the effectiveness of care and care choices.

7.    Stigma An examination of how society views mental illness.

8.  Defining Madness - An examination of how mental illness is defined.

9.  NAMI Walks - A look at NAMI and its efforts to promote awareness through its NAMI Walks Program.

10.  Mind Relief - A diversion that offers suggestions for those burdened with the strain of coping with mental illness.

11. Horrible or Helpful - A discussion of the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum restoration project.



Please follow the links to access additional information on the subjects.


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