My vagina always smells like fish

So I was raped when I was 11 and I've had my period since then so I know how to handle it. I've been experiencing same fishy smell for 2 weeks but there's no ichiness but i feel like i'm swallen from inside during intercourse is that a signal of samething serius. Is it something that depends on certain people getting together? I don't know what it is and it has never happened to me before. My vagina started smelling like fish a couple weeks ago and every time I wash it still smells that way. Perhaps her sense of smell has gone and she does not smell it. Could this be some weird allergic reaction?
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Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy

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Vaginal discharge

But more than likely, this will be yet another pregnancy side effect you will have to deal with. I have never had this problem before i was wondering what is causing this how to prevent or fix the problem and if its something i should worry about. I have never shaved down there b4 and it was never a problem, but lately I've been having some kind of smelly odor and I think its because of the hair down there. I don't notice it through my clothes, and it seems to smell more in the morning. When I finished my shower, I dried off and put on fresh yoga pants. Next take white stick deodorant and rub between your thighs and any creases around your pubic area. Thee a white things on the hair but I have not had sex!!!!!
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Vaginal Smells And What They Mean

Use barrier methods of birth control if semen causes you a problem. I'm pretty popular around school and I don't want a bad reputation because of this problem. Sometimes there is discharge, other times there won't be. This type of infection is typically treated with an antifungal medication that can be purchased over the counter. All this time, after a bowel movement, I was wiping myself properly — I never wiped myself from back to front as I was taught.
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Taking a bath the water will rinse you out everytime. If you notice a sudden change in your vaginal odor, which is accompanied with pain and discomfort — you may need to seek medical attention, especially if it does not go away in days, but instead gets worse. By way of explanation:. It will take some time for this remedy to work, but it will keep the balance of good and bad bacteria at healthy levels. I tend to get yeast infections often. It could simply be the birth control, or it could be that the hormones you are using are off balancing your vaginal pH, and are a contributing factor to the build up bacteria that typically causes feminine odor to occur. If I can smell this, can people around me smell it also?
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