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Here you will find stories that are both uplifting and tragic.  They cover the widest range of emotions that anyone is likely to experience.  However; they are important to tell not because of their strong emotional nature.  They are important to tell because each one offers insight into the day-to-day realities of those who have experienced the challenges of dealing with mental illness.

They are not clinical studies.  They are often raw experiences.  They are real to those who have experienced them if not real in a strictly metaphysical sense.  If you are among the fortunate, you have tears of joy.  If not, you can stand beside those with tears of intense grief and provide consolation.  If you experience the stories you will likely have a greater capacity for understanding the reality of mental illness that has touched the lives of your fellow man.

Once you have encountered these stories, you will find a deeper understanding of the topics presented on this site.



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