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  NAMI, for those who have not heard of the organization, is the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  It is an incredibly important part of any discussion about the state of affairs on mental health treatment in America.  No matter which side of the treatment issues you side with and no matter which illness you or your family member has been stricken with, NAMI is important.  It has contributed as much to information about mental illness as any organization anywhere.  Without their efforts to educate and break stigma associated with mental diseases many thousands would have suffered alone.  While you can argue about the current state of care and treatment and you can disagree on your personal path to recovery or the good or bad about medications, no one can argue that their purpose is lacking in compassion for those with illness.

While the organization is rooted in support for family members, it would be misguided for anyone to discount the roles that family members overall contribute to the care of those with mental illness.  As you watch the video and learn about the efforts of NAMI members to help in the cause, note that on the local levels, most of the activities are pointed toward benefits that are real and intentions are helpful.  The big picture is one of people coming together to do what they can to help each other and their family members cope with what has happened in their lives.

At the root of their activities is a theme of doing what they can to help in whatever way they can.  That is why NAMI organizes and puts on NAMI Walks in the communities they serve each year.  There is no other series of events each year which better demonstrates outreach to the community to gather support for breaking down stigma associated with Mental Illness.  For that reason alone, NAMI should be applauded for their efforts.  This video was created to be shown at the NAMI Walks NW kickoff luncheon in Portland, OR in 2006.  It is still as true today as it was then in its representation of the diverse set of activities that members engage in to help others.  If for no other reason than that, NAMI Walks should be commended.


Why We Walk - NAMI Walks Northwest

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