Matters of the Mind
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  Welcome to a place for those who have interest in issues relating to  topics involving the functioning of the human mind.  Our mind is precisely the organ of the human body from which we derive that which makes us most human.  The source of language and communication.  The organ which gives us consciousness.  The single most complex and least understood organ in the human body.

Of greatest concern here is what issues are relevant to us as humans when the mind does not function as it would under "normal" circumstances.  The word normal itself can be controversial when referring to brain function.  Indeed, it could be argued that there is considerable difficulty in defining just what can be judged to be normal.  Even traditional Western medical practices allow for ranges when citing proper blood sugar levels, and they are altered and controlled by feedback mechanisms in the body.

What makes these subjects so important to me is the number of people affected by states of the mind, how we view those states, and how we as a society respond when behaviors are changed in response to those states of mind.

Please offer commentary about the content found here, for that is how we grow in understanding of our human condition.  I am not a mental health professional nor medical professional.  The comments found here are shaped by my personal experiences in life.  They are posted not as medical advice but rather as commentary from which to begin intelligent dialog about these important issues and to offer a viewpoint from actual experiences of those who have been diagnosed as mentally ill.

My personal role has been that of caregiver and advocate for my daughter and others who suffer with diagnoses.  I have met and listened to dozens of people tell their remarkable stories, and some of them are detailed here.  The more I become involved with the mental health community, the more amazed I have become with both the tragedy and triumph of the experiences.  Thank you for sharing these ideas with me.

There is a very comprehensive series of articles about current events that I cannot cover here but serves as great background material.  The American Prospect has done a special report on issues relating to mental health and I strongly suggest reading their report.

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